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The cost of taking a family on vacation can keep many people at home during school breaks and holidays, but bargain cruises on lines like Carnival offer inclusive getaways at surprisingly low prices. For the price of a few nights in a good hotel, a family can enjoy a bargain ocean excursion from a few days in length to several weeks or more. Whether Europe, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Mexico or Hawaii appeals, there are cruises--and prices--to match.

Bargain Cruises Create Relaxing Family Vacations

There are cruise lines offering bargain rates that make entertaining the kids a priority, so that every member of the family can relax. These cruise lines include Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean, among others. Some onboard activities on family-friendly cruises include teen-only lounges, painting classes for toddlers, talent shows and even karaoke. Some cruise lines even offer kids-only shore excursions to give adults time to sightsee on their own.

Finding your way through a foreign city can be nerve wracking enough, but with a family in tow, it can be very difficult to unwind. This is where bargain cruises on Celebrity, Carnival and other famous cruise lines shine. The whole family is taken care of, from food to sleeping accommodations to age-appropriate entertainment. The family can enjoy being together in Bermuda or another exotic destination and can quit worrying about details. A good bargain cruise resource, such as will have a number of family-friendly options in all price ranges.